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  • Micro Transactions...

    By DauntesInferno
    My only issue with this game is some of the items in the shop cost 10,000 coins, when you are only able to earn 300 coins/day. You can’t save up for those specific items, because they generally only stay in the shop for 16 hours or so. Id hate to see a game by Nintendo rely heavily on micro transactions. I’d rather pay a flat amount to but this game than pay monthly.
  • Nice

    By Wizthabignig608601
    This game is fun
  • Unresponsive, buggy, and impossible to control.

    By Justonesp00lturn
    If you wanted a Mario Kart where your place doesn’t matter, the controls don’t respond to you, and your power-ups and items frequently disappear or just don’t work for no readily apparent reason, look no further.
  • Meh

    By Kaifester
    It’s too basic even for a free game
  • Good

    By Abbey46535
    I’m really addicted to this game now, at first I was bothered about the control but I learn fast lol
  • Too complicated

    By thegreatWhiteman
    So complicated to make a Account
  • Don’t waste your money

    By gentledove113
    Game can be fun to play. However, it’s all artificial intelligence. It’s only single player. They try to pressure you into getting all the premium stuff since the AI racers sometimes have premium stuff. You’re almost always number 1. And it gets harder towards the race that the only way you’d win is by having the right characters or gliders or karts that can be hard to come by. You’re not competing against anything but yourself and a computer. I was expecting online play and seemed like it was until I realized it wasn’t after a few races. I played a race without even moving my character, screen, and won 4th place. This app is made just to maximize their profits utilizing artificial intelligence/algorithms.
  • Suggestion and a question.

    By single dog mom
    Dude this game is everything I could have wished for!! I’m addicted!!! One thing is, I added my sister to try and play but I couldn’t figure out how to do multiplayer. And then a suggestion I had was to maybe add a restart button so we don’t have to quit and repack our whole set up? Maybe Idk. Either way it’s bomb.
  • Waited so long for this

    By kitten710
    Couldn’t be happier. Nintendo never fails!!!!
  • When I buy something it’s not even there

    By jdwjned
    I bought a glider and it’s not in my slot